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JBC Paintball is the proud sponsor of the FOX HOLE PAINTBALL FIELD.

We have been involved and playing the sport of paintball for over 21 years. Thanks to countless numbers of friends and volunteers,

players, merchants, distributors, parents and the First Nation Governments, we have been able to build and develop a Fun, Safe and

Affordable recreational facility for all to use.


Markers Rentals


Marker rentals are recreational grade semi-automatic PMI Piranha powered by CO2 or N2. Trigger speed 10+ shots per second.

Players rental pack include a 200 rnd. loader, 9 oz co2 tank,JT spectra mask,barrel sleeve,neck guard,camo suit,and PMI twin pouch with belt.


Quality RPS Paintballs. The highest standards in the industry


All RPS paintballs are held to the Strictest standards in the industry so they always perform, always fly straight, and always break on target.  The consistency of quality and performance of RPS paintballs is the standard all competitive brands of paintballs aspire to achieve.  To date, no one has able to match or beat the quality of RPS paintball's The industry leader for 24 years.


The FOX HOLE paintball field operates seasonally from May til November


-No Field Fees

-No Alcohol is permitted.

-Barrel sleeve mandatory.

-Chrono Station : Maximum velocity for markers is under 270 fps and is strictly enforced .v -Fill station : CO 2 or compressed air.

-Players Base Camp is covered to keep you dry, clean and safe.

-Equipment rental available at a rate of $15.00 per day.

-We can accommodate up to 40 rentals for groups.

-RPS paintballs sold at site.

-Wooded Playing Areas are clean with well marked trails.

-Forts, Bunkers,Bridges,Tower and Village are built strong for your safety.

-Private Groups are scheduled to play on Saturdays and can schedule to play on weekdays from July till September.(weather permitting)

-Walk On Games are held on every Sunday from 11:00 am til 6:30 pm Atlantic Time (weather permitting)

-Players under 12 yrs. old must have waiver signed by Parents or Guardians.

-For a Copy of the Legal waver.

English waver

French waver




1- Player must always wear approved goggle system ( Mask) while games are in progress or at the authorized shooting areas

example (chrono station) NEVER remove your mask until you enter the base camp.

2- Players must report at the designated chronograph station prior to playing games. All markers must shoot under 270 fps.

If you change springs, barrels ,tanks you must re-chrono after these changes ,as they may change your velocity.

3-Barrel sleeve (BBD)(Condom) are mandatory.

4-No profanity against any player,ref. ,spectator,self will be tolerated.

5-No alcohol or drugs allowed.

6-All markers must be on Semi- auto. mode ( max 3 shot burst )

7-Players are prohibited from climbing tree,altering or tampering with the bunkers.

8-Avoid close range shooting less than 20 ft. Ask if they quit ( no bunkering ).

9-If you shoot a player on the head more than twice , you are eliminated from that game.

10-Players who are hit (marked )( tagged ) must say HIT or DEAD raise there hand or marker to indicate so. Put your barrel

sleeve on , walk back to the base without relaying information to your team mates.

11- Players may ask for a PAINT CHECK if you are not sure the player was marked or the paintball broke. Players must maintain there position

and cease shooting on a paint check.

12-TIME OUT all shooting and movement must cease (stop) when time out is called.

13-Shooting your TEAM MATE by error counts.

14-Don’t shoot the animals.

15-Field Paint Only.

16-No Dead Man Walk is allowed.

17- Don’t shoot the ref’s .


Foxhole Paintball Field

JBC Paintball Office

William Gray

2 Gray's Lane

Listuguj, Quebec


jbcpaintball [at] gmail.com


JBC Paintball Field

Chemin Qospem

QC G0C 2R0

Listuguj, Quebec


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